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Cantemus Women’s Choir 
Kingsport, TN 
Contact: Naomi Yencich 
Phone: 716-536-3369
Cantemus Women’s Choir to present spring concert “Poetry in Motion” 
Cantemus, the Tri-Cities’ premiere women’s choir, is in rehearsal for its second concert of the season
titled Poetry in Motion.
Artistic Director Patty Denmark and co-conductor Sarah Malone have chosen a program that features a
diverse selection of timeless poems set to music, showcasing the versatility and expressiveness of the
female voice. The repertoire spans various genres and time periods and includes some favorites that
have been sung over the past ten years.
We will be singing poems written by Mark Twain (Good Night, Dear Heart), Robert Frost (A Girl’s
Garden), Emily Dickinson (I Shall Keep Singing!), and many others. We will kick off the evening with the
song that inspired our name, Cantemus! by Lajos Bardos. “Cantemus” is Latin for “let us sing”. The
concert is an immersive experience that will resonate with both seasoned concert-goers and those new
to the world of choral music.
Collectively, our repertoire speaks of womanhood and underscores the profound joy that accompanies
the decision to shape one's life around the people, places, and pursuits that makes one feel alive. For
members of Cantemus, this idea is echoed every time we choose to sing together.
Poetry in Motion will showcase Stephanie Yoder on piano, Nicole Misterly and Bryant Denmark on violin,
Wendy Royston on Viola, Georgia Sinko on cello, and Eileen Butler on flute. The Spring concert will be
presented at the below dates and locations:
Friday, May 10 th , at 7:00 pm at Waverly Road Presbyterian Church in Kingsport, TN 
Saturday, May 11 th , at 7:00 pm at First Presbyterian Church in Johnson City, TN 
While there is no admission charge for the concert, a suggested donation of $10 per guest is greatly
appreciated. Visit for more information. 
Follow Cantemus on Facebook (@Cantemus Women’s Choir) for updates and behind-the-scenes
glimpses leading up to the concert.
About the choir: Cantemus is a secular, non-profit chorus composed of female singers in the Northeast
Tennessee region who share a love of choral music and a commitment to vocal excellence. Cantemus
exists to connect, highlight, and empower women in song and share meaningful music with the

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